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UnifiedPOS is the acronym for Unified Point of Service and version 1.14 is the current standard. It is an architectural specification for application interfaces to point-of-service devices that are used in the retail environment. This standard, which has been in existence for several years, is both operating system-independent and language neutral and defines:     
  • An architecture for application interface to retail devices.
  • A set of retail device behaviors sufficient to support a range of POS solutions.
Currently, 36 different point-of-service peripheral types are supported by the standard. Platform dependent implementations are contained in specification appendices and are available for Java, and Microsoft OPOS and .NET.  Developed by a joint team of retailer and industry technical experts following published policies and procedures, UnifiedPOS provides a consistent and exact framework for programming point of sales devices that is platform independent and vendor neutral.

Unified POS Version 1.14 and WS-POS 1.2

Before downloading our standards, please be sure to review the Terms and Conditions of this website, particularly the indemnification and disclaimer information in sections 6 and 8.

UnifiedPOS 1.14:  Version1.14 is now the standard and is available for download.   Download UnifiedPOS 1.14 (12 mb pdf)

WS-POS 1.2: Download the latest version of Web Services for Point of Service in English (Japanese to follow soon). ARTS thanks our partners, OPOS-J in Japan,for their support and for translation services. 

Download WS-POS 1.2 English (9mb PDF)
Download WS-POS 1.2 Japanese (2.3mb PDF)

Download WS-POS 1.2 Reference Implementation Files (55mb English and Japanese)

This Reference Implementation and samples are written in C# language in order to show how the WS-POS 1.2 specification is implemented in a .NET environment.  (No warranty for their use.)

(These are very large files, so for the best results, save and extract them to your desktop.)

Product Information
ARTS has published a new release of its Unified Point of Service (UnifiedPOS) 1.14, which includes expanded content to the Scale and Electronic Value Reader/Writer devices.

Web Services for Point of Service (WS-POS) is a technical document intended to provide retail devices, terminals and servers with the capabilities necessary to interoperate in a detached, dynamic network as well as more typical retail LANs by leveraging these W3C specifications. 

Previous Versions

Version 1.13 of the UnfiedPOS specification, released in July, 2009, includes updates that reflect feedback from device service developers and application development programmers as a result of using Version 1.12 and previous versions of this standard. Version 1.13 does not contain any new POS peripheral devices. Download version 1.13 here (13 mb file).
Extensive changes have also been made to the XMLPOS section which should be reviewed carefully by those planning on applications using XMLPOS.

UnifiedPOS version 1.12 (16MB)

Volume 2 of the UnifiedPOS Architecture for Retail specifies several different extension technologies that complement the UnifiedPOS Architecture defined in Volume 1.  Included in this volume is the introduction to RAPOS, or Remote Access for Point of Service, and WAMPOS, which stands for Web Access Model for Point of Service.
UnifiedPOS113.zip13.11 MB
WS-POS1.2_Files_Released_07152013.zip8.99 MB
UnifiedPOS Version 1_14_Released_07_15_2013.zip12.13 MB
WSPOS1_2_Technical_Specification_2013_July_15_JP_20130730.pdf2.31 MB