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ARTS Data Model Home Page

The ARTS Operational Data Model and the ARTS Data Warehouse Model provide retailers and vendors with a mature data architecture for developing retail business solutions.

The ARTS Operational Data Model represents a relational transaction-oriented view of retail enterprise data.  It is normalized and designed to support the day-to-day transactional functions performed by a retail enterprise. This model is referred to the Operational Data Model.

The ARTS Data Warehouse Model (DWM) supports business reporting and analysis.  The DWM is designed around a star schema approach that supports end-user data query, reporting and analysis.

Both ARTS Operation Data Model and ARTS Data Warehouse Model provide retailers with a comprehensive, mature basis for:

  • Building integrated retail business applications
  • Developing specifications for acquiring retail applications and retail-oriented enterprise resource packages
  • Helping application developers and analysts understand basic retail business principles and terminology
  • Giving guidance for retail business policies by providing formal rules and definitions
  • Creating a canonical data model for integrating legacy application data that may reside in many different databases and formats
  • Selecting commercial off-the-shelf retail solutions
  • Designing a strategy to map operational data to a data warehouse structure

The Data Model and its related product, the Data Warehouse Model - are available to ARTS members only.  The ARTS data dictionary is in the public domain.

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